The chemistry of fireworks [VIDEO]

fireworks chemistry

It never fails. Around the environmental world this time of year — the 4th of July (Independence Day, in the U.S.) — you see countless articles about how terrible fireworks are for your health, the environment, etc. But you know what? Fireworks just.plain.rock. There, I said it. I — founder of Eco-Snobbery Sucks — will […]

Epic DIY Imperial AT-AT Walker on a tandem bicycle

diy at-at walker bicycle

Did you know that those Imperial AT-AT Walkers that assaulted the Rebel base on Hoth were pedal powered? Well, they probably weren’t, actually, but if the Empire could have figured out how to implement it, I’m sure they would have. You know, Darth Sidius (the Emperor) and Darth Vader really were pretty forward thinking folks.

Happy National [Organic] Margarita Day

salted margarita glass

You don’t have to wait until Cinco de Mayo to enjoy your favorite Mexican libation. According to, it’s National Margarita Day. Of course all you have to do is use some tasty organic tequila in one of these margarita recipes and boom, National Margarita Day has become National Organic Margarita Day. On another note, […]

Choose the New Character for Hank D and the Bee!

Choose the New Character for Hank D and the Bee!

These were my 6 favorite suggestions for a new character. Please make your vote in the comment section below this post (or tweet it to @GreenCartoons). Thanks to all who made suggestions! Thoughts on the potential new characters: An angry flower: There were many flower suggestions, so the type of flower (I think I like […]

The Green Bowl: Would the Giants or Patriots win?

Which Super Bowl team is the greenest?

Technically, the Super Bowl doesn’t count without the Packers. But we suppose there are some East Coast folk who might tune in. Whether you’re a disgruntled cheese head, a Giant, or a Patriot, entertain yourself with this breakdown of who would win the “Green Bowl” — based on the most unscientific methods imaginable, of course.

3 clever DIY Super Bowl party decorations

beer bloom mug

The Super Bowl is a great excuse to huddle up with your crew and have a great time on a night that everyone is usually turning in early, in preparation for the upcoming work week. But you don’t have to spend tons of time or lots of money getting your home ready for a top-notch Super Bowl party…and an eco-friendly Super Bowl party at that.

Watch: Jeb Corliss defies death to grind the crack

Amazing Jeb Corliss jump

I wrote about seven extreme green sports on MNN earlier this year and probably should have included wingsuit BASE jumping. This extreme variation of an already extreme sports requires jumpers to turn themselves into flying squirrels using specially made suits and then hurl themselves off mountains to fly down their steep slope, sometimes being literally […]

Porsche’s giant LED TV: Eco-snobbery or eco-epic?

Porsche LED TV

Porsche seems to think that there’s more than one way to live greener, because their new mammoth-sized LED TV could never be mistaken as an effort in “reducing”, in either price or in size. The new 201-inch waterproof LED TV will set you back a cool $810,000. Do you think this is an example of eco-snobbery or does it fill an uber-rich green niche?

New Belgium Tour de Fat: The best party on 2 wheels

New Belgium Tour de Fat

Bicycles + beer + crazy costumes = one hell of a party. And that’s exactly what you get when you attend a New Belgium Tour de Fat. Add to that the fact that Tour de Fat events benefit local charities and promote bike awareness and it’s a party you do NOT want to miss. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the few pro-bike cause that isn’t also anti-car.