Tesla Motors unveils a SEXY electric crossover SUV

tesla model x with "falcon wing" doors open

You don’t have to drive something that looks like a cheap matchbox car to roll in electric style. Tesla Motors, aka, makers of all-things-sexy (at least when it comes to electric vehicles), unveiled their new Model X yesterday. The Model X is being described as something between a sleek crossover SUV and a minivan, but […]

How tire makers are treading lighter on the planet

Every tire maker has eco-friendly tires to choose from

Everyone thinks you have to buy a new hybrid, plug-in hybrid, or electric vehicle to roll greener on the road, but you don’t. All you have to do is sling some new rubber on your current vehicle. The tire industry is doing some amazing things to lessen their product’s impact on the environment and your wallet.

EV’s may soon be required to make Star Wars sounds

Pedestrian waiting to cross the street

Have you ever had a near miss with an electric vehicle because you never heard it coming? If you haven’t, you will. As EV’s rise in popularity, the problem of their silence as it pertains to pedestrians (and cyclists) will compound. Never fear, Star Wars sound effects to the rescue!