4 steps to fresher language in green business

Green business focus

The language you use to brand your product, service or message is a big deal. You choose words carefully to define who you are and to help you stand out. People and businesses use “green” or “eco” to showcase a commitment to a healthier environment. But overuse of these terms now has us wondering; who […]

SC Johnson CEO is sorry for Greenlist logo

SC Johnson Greenlist Certification

SC Johnson, makers of Windex, Raid, Ziploc, and more, label certain products from their brands with a “Greenlist” logo. This is the logo of an in-house certification process that has been met with lawsuits and criticism. Fortunately for SC Johnson and consumers alike, the Greenlist process has still reduced the products health and eco impact.

Miracle Gro [Not-So] “Organic Choice” products

Scotts Miracle Gro organic choice

Scotts Miracle Gro Company has an entire line of “Organic Choice” lawn and garden products. They have decided to plaster the words “organic” and “all natural” all over the packaging of these products in an attempt to prey on good people who are truly trying to make better choices about the chemicals they use around their home and garden. Not cool.