8 common sense ideas for choosing a New Year cleanse

lemons help cleanse your body

Were your holidays filled with cheese truffles and egg nog? Does the new year make you want to kick-start your healthy living plan with a post-holiday cleanse? Relax, it doesn’t have to be crazy, restrictive, and require your to stay within 10 steps of the bathroom. All a good cleanse requires is a bit of common sense.

Hump Day comic relief: Shit vegans say [Video]

shit vegans say

Taking yourself too seriously is an indication of a closed mind. That said, I give you this very funny “Shit Vegans Say” video. Whether you’re vegetarian or vegan for animal rights reasons, environmental reasons, health reasons, or even just because you hate vegetables and like to see them mutilated on your plate, take a step […]

My personal, greener holiday wish list

Christmas gift

I will admit something most people don’t during the gift-giving season. I like receiving. Childish, perhaps. Or, maybe we all have that subconscious urge to clap when we see pretty packages with our name on them. Yet times have changed since I begged Santa for a Barbie Town House. I know where money comes from […]

Hank D and the Bee: Anytime is Naptime

Hank D and the Bee: Anytime is Naptime

You can collapse into a hammock or bed or couch…or just fall where you are. Wherever you do it, a nap is good for you. Joe’s cartoon archive, twitter ramblings and StumbleUpon page…календарь купитькупить mitsubishiapartments in key biscayneформочки для куличейооо полигон официальный сайтполигон оооденежный кредит этокредит для студентов без работыденьги в долг в бузулукекредит великий […]

Fast Thanksgiving recipe: Festive squash smoothie

Tasty squash smoothie

I enjoy having a nice creamy smoothie in the morning. It fills me up and only takes moments to prepare. They are great to have on the go or as a quick snack during the day as a pick me up. The holidays are just around the corner and nothing quite says Thanksgiving better than […]

Doc’s All-Natural Chamois Cream [Review]

Doc's all-natural chamois cream

The last place you want to go rubbing a product full of nasty toxins is on your groin area…but that’s exactly what lots of cyclist do with chamois creams. Enter Doc’s Cycling Salves. We put Doc’s products through the ringer and they came out the other side with AMAZING reviews. Read on for the details.

Boo! Why Halloween candy doesn’t scare me

halloween candy

Halloween is an event where this kale-serving mother looks the other way, pretending she doesn’t see that red ring of high fructose corn syrup circling her son’s mouth. She figures his diet most of the year balances out these days of intense unhealthiness.

Five ways to give locally

Small change adds up

My mom, a breast cancer survivor, stopped donating to Susan G. Komen for the Cure after discovering they spent over a million dollars last year in lawsuits against smaller groups who used the phrase “for the cure” to promote local fundraisers. This triggered last week’s ruminations about breast cancer awareness here and on my own […]

Breast cancer awareness: What the pink ribbon ignores

Are environmental issues the cause of breast cancer?

Researchers have identified 216 chemicals that cause mammary tumors in animals and admit the need for better assessment in humans. They argue for integrating these findings into policies that govern chemical exposure. It’s an approach that concentrates on prevention rather than cure. So what are we waiting for?

3 ways to green your Halloween

green halloween pumpkin

Halloween is just around the corner again (can you believe it?!). And since you care about the environment, you probably want to know how you can have a fun Halloween without killing too many people or animals, right? Well then these ideas are bound to help you out.