Why care about reducing energy usage? [Infographic]

why conserve energy usage

By saving energy in your home, you could be essentially saving the world. As humans, we tend to abuse resources and fail to act efficiently by nature. By looking at the amount of carbon dioxide we produce, you can see just how this impacts the Earth’s health. China is the top CO2 producer in the […]

Does a reusable cup or mug make an eco-impact?

Why a Reusable Cup?

Most of us don’t think twice when we order a coffee and later toss the cup in the trash. Where does that cup end up? Most likely a landfill or our water ways. The thing is that most of these paper disposable cups are lined with plastic and are not easily recyclable. That means most […]

Acting green vs Buying green [INFOGRAPHIC]

Acting green vs buying green

Living greener is great, but do you have to buy a bunch of eco-friendly gadgets, gizmos and appliances, or is simply cultivating greener habits just as beneficial — if not even more so? Either step is a great one, but the answer to the question of which (acting greener vs buying greener) saves more energy, […]

Amazing: The environmental impact of video games

video games environment impact thumbnail

A lot of us tend to focus on picking products that are produced in a way that is best for the environment. The people at Big Fish wanted to know how much would the world save if every video game was downloaded instead of purchased with the packaging. The statistics are surprising on how much […]

The light bulb energy impact showdown [INFOGRAPHIC]

green lighting infographic

The awesome folks at Well Home Energy Audits have put out another great infographic that will help break down the costs, benefits, and differences between LED light bulbs, CFL light bulbs, and incandescent light bulbs so you can hopefully have a better understanding of what all of that electrical jargon on the packaging really means.

The future of cycling, by the numbers [INFOGRAPHIC]

cycling cost benefits

Cycling is exploding in the United States, and there is no secret as to why. Bicycling can help you get (or stay) in shape, save you money, eliminate the need to sit in traffic jams, or even become a sport to get involved in. Not to mention the fact that it’s just plain fun. The […]

Nuclear VS renewable energy [INFOGRAPHIC]

pros and cons of energy sources

The energy debate doesn’t seem like it will ever be settled. A lot of the reason for the argument is a lack of understanding on all sides. Sure, nuclear energy plants melt down and people base jump off of broken down wind turbines, but our energy future will probably be a combination of many sources, not just a domination of one.

These small steps add up to a greener daily routine

green routine

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. How do you live a greener life? One step at a time. We’ve said it before, and will say it again, the best way to live greener is to do so in ways that already mesh with what you’re passionate about. This great infographic shows how you can live greener by taking a few small steps throughout the day.

Understanding the energy of tornadoes [Infographic]

Understanding the energy of tornadoes infographic thumbnail

The massive storms and tornado outbreaks have made it a rough spring for many Americans. Tornadoes can be the most powerful force in all of nature if conditions are right for them to reach their maximum strength, but have you ever wondered how and why they are so powerful? This infographic will help get a better understanding.

Understanding home energy efficiency just got easier

Understanding home energy efficiency infographic thumbnail

Most people know that they can save both energy and money by making efficiency improvements at home, but things seem to get a little nebulous after that. This great infographic from WellHome uses the choices of two would-be homeowners to help us see some hard data as to how the choices we make around our homes impact its energy efficiency.