Clever nature ads from a chainsaw manufacturer

Clever Stihl nature ads

Clever nature and outdoor living advertisements are the last thing you’d expect from a company known chiefly for its chainsaws, but that is exactly what Stihl has done. As a matter of fact, Stihl has some very deep environmental roots — and I’m talking California Redwood deep roots. Stay tuned for that full story. In […]

The best battery powered electric weed eater. Period.

Black & Decker NST2036 Heavy Duty 36-Volt Cordless Electric Weed Eater

If you’re looking for a cordless electric weed eater that still functions as a weed eater should, there is but one choice to be made. Through exhaustive research, extensive testing, and forking over our own money to buy one, Black & Decker’s 36-volt cordless weed eater is a beast by even gas powered trimmer standards.