Tasty Valentine’s Day recipe: Cacao heart tart


We love chocolate just as much as anyone, and it’s a good idea to buy organic and fair trade certified chocolate, but that can be challenging to find at times. No worries, homemade chocolate treats taste so much better than the store bought, pre-packaged, and processed kind anyway. Check out this VERY clever and tasty recipe for Valentine’s Day.

Tarra the elephant mourns the loss of her best friend, a dog named Bella

Bella the Dog and Tarra the Elephant

The Tennessee elephant sanctuary became famous a few years ago when news arose of a touching, and most unlikely, relationship that should not have come to be. But it did. It was the best friendship of Bella the dog and Tarra the elephant. Unfortunately Tarra recently discovered Bella’s body, and as with any loss, she mourns her.

Wasteful weddings suck: My green wedding mission

We love nature. (And each other.)

When my fiance and I finally get hitched, we think it should be a big deal. Hopefully, though, “big” doesn’t have to mean extravagant, expensive, and eco-irresponsible. I strive to make earth-friendly choices every day, and I want my wedding day to be no exception. Join me as I plan a beautiful green wedding.