Wrong and Wrongerer: How both sides of the aisle address climate change

Wrong and Wrongerer: How both sides of the aisle address climate change

Angry and corrupt vs. Timid and less corrupt — Who wins in the political war on climate change?

Goodbye Green Lantern, enter the Green Republican!

The Green Republican! (cartoon)

Sure, we know there are some Republicans that do give a crap about the environment, but they do seem to be few and far between…so we thought we’d poke a little good clean fun.

What non greener issues does your favorite Republican support?

Virgin Barbie packaging sucking life out of forests

Barbie's Rainforest Packaging (cartoon)

You’d think a toy company like Mattel would have the foresight to realize they’d eventually be called out on this, (Thank you, Greenpeace!) as well as the money and knowledge to make their packaging from something a bit less middle-finger-to-the-world-esque…say, recycled Barbie dolls?

The GOP and Clean Air Act provisions [cartoon]

Exposed: Why the GOP wants to eliminate Clean Air Act provisions [cartoon]

The possibility that elephants have a 3 stage filtration system within their trunks has to have some credence. Otherwise, why on earth would leading Republicans try to make it easier for big polluters to further pollute the air we (including themselves and their constituents) breathe?

Caption this cartoon & win an organic t-shirt

Sorry, Frosty. We honestly believed our tweets about climate change would work.

What could a cartoon that depicts 2 birds staring at a half melted snowman mean? We don’t know, that’s why we’re asking you to tell us. The commenter with the best caption will win an organic cotton “See Bikes” t-shirt. Let your creative juices begin to flow…

Don’t be an apple who supports axes [cartoon]

Apples may lose trees [cartoon]

It’s always a good idea to learn about why you support what you do…lest you be an apple who supports the axe industry. It’s all too easy to be led somewhere you didn’t want to go if you follow something or someone blindly.

Mixed message from USDA chief Vilsack [cartoon]

Mixed message from USDA chief Vilsack [cartoon]

USDA chief Tom Vilsack seems to be sending mixed messages when it comes to the standards that make organic foods organic. Why do you think the USDA is encouraging the American public to eat more “natural” foods just days after deregulating genetically modified food?

Deleted Monsanto cartoon panel, leaked!

BREAKING: Deleted Monsanto cartoon panel, leaked!

According to informed sources, the CEOs of WFM and Stonyfield are personal friends of former Iowa governor (and Monsanto friend), now USDA Secretary, Tom Vilsack. Is that leading to these organic food suppliers bending to the will of BioTech food…and if so, is that a bad thing?

Ronald Reagan, Sarah Palin’s lifeguard

Ronald Reagan, Sarah Palin's lifeguard

Now I think I see why Palin called him “America’s lifeguard” (referring, of course, to Sarah Palin’s America). Wondering what the Fairness Doctrine has to do with the environment? Check out the included links in this article…which are also why Glenn Beck is peeing in the pool in this cartoon too.

The Republican triple threat

The Republican triple threat

What do you think? Are republicans the problem as this satirical cartoon suggests by illustrating that big coal, agricultural, and pharmaceutical companies are behind conservative legislation? How about democrats? Is one group solely responsible for all of the poor legislation in the U.S.?