Which is best: To rent or buy rooftop solar panels?

Solar panels on rooftop

Depending on the region you live in and the amount you pay for your monthly power bill, it’s quite possible that you’ve experienced ‘solar envy.’ This phenomenon occurs when a neighbor installs a shiny new set of panels on their roof and then sets up lawn chairs to admire their new array, happily offering a […]

How much water are you wasting at home?

How much water are you wasting at home?

It’s easy to waste a lot of resources at home. Fortunately, most of that waste is just a result of not knowing you’re actually wasting that energy or water  and/or being unaware of how easy it can be to NOT waste those resources. Last week I showed you 4 simple ways to vanquish energy vampires […]

Green lighting will boost this economy

Green Lighting

The most common complaints I hear about green lighting are that the technology is too expensive and simply “not feasible.” In my experience, no lighting retrofit has ever cost more than the long-term savings it provides. Sure, this isn’t necessarily true with certain environmentally friendly technologies such as some types of advanced alternative-energy projects. But […]

6 ways to save money with wind energy at home

home wind energy

While solar energy has become the most popular type of alternative energy in today’s homes, it’s not the only choice. There’s also wind energy. Besides helping to save the planet’s energy sources, it can also help to save you money. Here are some of the top ways that it can do that… Large Wind Turbines […]

4 ways to save money on healthier school lunches

save money on lunch at school or at work

By now, you may have already joined the cold lunch revolution. You know how to save time packing those lunches and have a few ideas for some easy recipes. It’s time to ensure you are saving money when you convert to the brown bag. Create your own individually wrapped package Good things may come in […]

Make a healthier Starbucks frappuccino for $.32

A tasty and healthier recipe for a Starbucks frappuccino

Got a craving for a caffeine fix? Don’t pay $4 for a frosty coffee treat at a coffee shop. If you’ve got 5 simple ingredients and just a couple of minutes, you can make your own frappuccino for about 92% less than the one you’ll buy at Starbucks…and yours will be healthier and taste better too.

How to go solar without breaking the bank

Solar panel financing

Some people hear the words, “go solar” and picture their savings account wiped clean. Sure, you can still purchase a sweet new 5-kilowatt solar system for $50,000 if you have the means. But a number of start-up operations have opened the doors to other modes of financing. Indeed, they have made solar affordable to the masses.

Wasteful weddings suck: My green wedding mission

We love nature. (And each other.)

When my fiance and I finally get hitched, we think it should be a big deal. Hopefully, though, “big” doesn’t have to mean extravagant, expensive, and eco-irresponsible. I strive to make earth-friendly choices every day, and I want my wedding day to be no exception. Join me as I plan a beautiful green wedding.

Mighty Wallet keeps green in your back pocket

Eco-friendly Airmail Mighty Wallet

It’s 2 days after Christmas and your wallet is in one of two conditions: So empty you want to cry, or busting at the seams from all of the cash you got for Christmas. In either scenario, the Mighty Wallet will green your back pocket…whether you have money in it or not.