Beautiful (but terrifying) solar eruption caught on video

Magnificent CME eruption

Just in case you forgot, the cosmos can take us out any time it wants. On August 31st, a long section of solar material that had been hovering in the sun’s atmosphere, the “corona,” erupted out into space. This “coronal mass ejection” traveled at 900 miles per second. Yikes. Maybe the sun was mad that the blue moon was getting all the attention.

Once in a blue moon, which is on August 31st, 2012

2012 blue moon

Wonderful and amazing things seem to happen “once in a blue moon”. Fortunately, that is actually about every two and half years. And the next one is Friday, August 31st. A blue moon, at least in modern days, is the term given to the second full moon in calendar month. This lunar timing only occurs once every two and a half years or so.

The Southeast is where greener living thrives

Chattanooga, TN

The Southeastern United States is where living greener converges with the normalcy of everyday life. And at the heart of the Southeastern green scene, is Chattanooga, TN. This small-ish river city isn’t only Outside Magazine’s “Best Town Ever” of 2011, but it is a ridiculously robust hub of pragmatic healthier and greener lifestyle habits.

Japan tsunami threatens nuclear power plants

whirlpool after japan earthquake caused tsunami and damages nuclear power plant

The terrible earthquake and resulting tsunami in Japan isn’t just causing unbelievable destruction, but threatens a nuclear disaster too. Check out these videos and pictures of the tsunami that struck Japan and join with us as we lend our thoughts to those living in the Pacific Rim and all those with loved ones there as well.