Happy National [Organic] Margarita Day

salted margarita glass

You don’t have to wait until Cinco de Mayo to enjoy your favorite Mexican libation. According to Punchbowl.com, it’s National Margarita Day. Of course all you have to do is use some tasty organic tequila in one of these margarita recipes and boom, National Margarita Day has become National Organic Margarita Day. On another note, […]

3 clever DIY Super Bowl party decorations

beer bloom mug

The Super Bowl is a great excuse to huddle up with your crew and have a great time on a night that everyone is usually turning in early, in preparation for the upcoming work week. But you don’t have to spend tons of time or lots of money getting your home ready for a top-notch Super Bowl party…and an eco-friendly Super Bowl party at that.

A traditionalist’s guide to a green Thanksgiving

How to green your Thanksgiving...realistically.

It would be just like a Norman Rockwell painting. Big turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, all the trimmings. I would prepare a feast to die for and everybody would congratulate me afterwards. How hard could it be? Shortly before the guests arrived I realized I’d left the giblets in the festive bird’s rear end. For 6 […]

Easy to make wine bottle Jack-o-Lantern

How to make your own wine bottle jack-o-lantern

Scare the juice right out of your favorite grapes with some of these awesome DIY wine bottle Jack-o-Lanterns. A cool thing about this project is that, unlike many of our other wine bottle DIY ideas, you don’t have to wait until the wine bottles are empty. Of course using empty ones works too. Read on for the how-to instructions.

Chic hanging candles made from wine bottles

Recycled Wine Bottle Candle

Wine bottles have so many uses…and containing tasty fermentation for your sipping pleasure is only one of them. We’ve talked about several uses for empty wine bottles before, but this one definitely deserves a spot on that list too. Imagine your deck or patio adorned with wine bottle tiki torches in tandem with these hanging candles. Par-tay!

New Belgium Tour de Fat: The best party on 2 wheels

New Belgium Tour de Fat

Bicycles + beer + crazy costumes = one hell of a party. And that’s exactly what you get when you attend a New Belgium Tour de Fat. Add to that the fact that Tour de Fat events benefit local charities and promote bike awareness and it’s a party you do NOT want to miss. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the few pro-bike cause that isn’t also anti-car.

Edible Jelloware cups make littering cool

Edible Jelloware cups made from red algae biodegrade into good nutrients for the soil

These edible cups are made entirely out of a substance called agar agar, a gelatin-like substance that originally comes from red algae. If you don’t feel like eating the cup, you can actually just toss it in the grass and the seaweed nutrients break down to support the growth of grass and plants.