Does a reusable cup or mug make an eco-impact?

Why a Reusable Cup?

Most of us don’t think twice when we order a coffee and later toss the cup in the trash. Where does that cup end up? Most likely a landfill or our water ways. The thing is that most of these paper disposable cups are lined with plastic and are not easily recyclable. That means most […]

Plastic bottles turned solar light bulb for lesser-privileged communities

liter of light solar bulb

Imagine having to live in a dark home, even in the daytime. Thousands of households in both urban and rural areas in countries like the Philippines have no access to electricity and light. Even when they do, low-income families are unable to afford skyrocketing electric expenses. According to the National Electrification Commission, 3 million households […]

3 DIY projects using 2-liter plastic soda bottles

plastic bottle bird feeder

Confession — I love soda. Specifically, Diet Coke. Yeah yeah, it’s terrible for you. I know this, but it’s my vice. The good news is that there are a great many DIY projects that can utilize empty 2-liter soda bottles. The following three projects are some of my current favorites. Plastic bottle bird feeder There […]

Christmas tree choice: Fake, real or alternative?

Fake, real, or alternative Christmas tree?

Ever considered getting a fake Christmas tree? Poor real trees. All that water, energy, and waste for a few weeks of simple pleasure. A fake tree would help eliminate repeated applications of pesticides and fertilizers that leak into local watersheds. A fake tree would not become discarded waste. It all added up to eco-friendliness – or does it?

Save the sea through creative plastic art contest

Plastic Sushi

What happens when 3 creative companies get together to save the oceans? You get a creative art contest with clever submissions like “plastic sushi”. Check out the Chaco Waves of Change contest and see how they plan to rid the oceans of garbage…or at least reduce the amount of it.