Is Earth Day really still a big deal? [POLL]

happy earth day

Did you know it’s Earth week (and also Earth Month) — not to mention that this Sunday, April 22nd, is Earth Day. But here’s my question: Is Earth Day, Earth Week, and Earth Month a big deal to you? Over the past few years they’ve decreased in importance to me. Hell, I even completely forgot […]

Porsche’s giant LED TV: Eco-snobbery or eco-epic?

Porsche LED TV

Porsche seems to think that there’s more than one way to live greener, because their new mammoth-sized LED TV could never be mistaken as an effort in “reducing”, in either price or in size. The new 201-inch waterproof LED TV will set you back a cool $810,000. Do you think this is an example of eco-snobbery or does it fill an uber-rich green niche?