How busy parents can have healthy kids

healthy granola bar

If you have kids, you know how hectic being a parent can be. If you have kids and a job that keeps you busy, chances are, sometimes certain sacrifices have to be made because there simply isn’t enough time. How many times have you sped into a McDonald’s drive-thru on your way home because you […]

Vegetarian (but not healthy) marshmallow Peeps recipe

vegetarian marshmallow peeps

Nothing says happy Easter like biting the heads off of some homemade vegetarian marshmallow chicks and bunnies — except for maybe doing so after sending your homemade Peeps to yoga. The original homemade peeps recipe on The Kitchn calls for: Ingredients 7 1/2 teaspoons unflavored gelatin (*see below for vegetarian gelatin substitutes) 1 1/2 cups […]

3.14 Pie recipes for a 3.14-course Pi Day dinner

mexican pie recipe

Happy Pi Day. That’s right, it’s March 14th (which is 3.14 for anyone slow on the mathematics uptake). I can think of no better way to celebrate Pi Day than to chow down on a delicious pie. But why stop at just one pie? For this year’s Pi Day, I thought it’d be a good […]

Tasty Valentine’s Day recipe: Cacao heart tart


We love chocolate just as much as anyone, and it’s a good idea to buy organic and fair trade certified chocolate, but that can be challenging to find at times. No worries, homemade chocolate treats taste so much better than the store bought, pre-packaged, and processed kind anyway. Check out this VERY clever and tasty recipe for Valentine’s Day.

Is this seitan recipe good or evil?


Have you ever tried seitan? I did this past week in a veggie wrap at my local, vegan, all-organic restaurant.  I was surprised that I loved it enough to experiment with making my own at home. I thought of purchasing the pre-packaged seitan at Whole Foods, but figured it is probably pumped with salt and […]

Vegan holiday treat: Deep beet peppermint fudge

Deep Beet Holiday Fudge

Venturing into a vegan lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to miss out on tasty treats. Take fudge, for example. The best part about this fudge recipe is that it is super duper healthy. You can even make it with all raw ingredients, but it is not necessary. Check out this tasty holiday fudge recipe that has a curious ingredient that might surprise you.

Creamy banana peppermint hot cocoa recipe

Banana hot cocoa

Do you like to drink lots of hot cocoa on cold wintery nights? Switching to green tea instead of hot chocolate is a great way to cut a lot of unwanted sugar from your diet, but you know, sometimes you still just like to have that warm cup of cocoa. Try this scrumptious and healthier recipe next time the cocoa craving is upon you.

Fast Thanksgiving recipe: Festive squash smoothie

Tasty squash smoothie

I enjoy having a nice creamy smoothie in the morning. It fills me up and only takes moments to prepare. They are great to have on the go or as a quick snack during the day as a pick me up. The holidays are just around the corner and nothing quite says Thanksgiving better than […]

How and why to take the “no-poo” challenge

No-Pooing Day 1

I have been “no-pooing” for nearly 5 months now. That means I’ve been forgoing shampoo and cleaning my hair with baking soda and apple cider vinegar (AVC). I was fascinated by the concept of never having to use shampoo again. You’re probably thinking, “how can someone possibly live without shampoo? Won’t their hair look like […]

Tasty recipe: Crisp leaves mean Apple Crisp

Tasty apple crisp recipe

Remember when they used to let you climb the trees at apple orchards to pick your own apples? Maybe I’m dating myself here and you don’t recall such days. Trust me, it was good down home fun. We always thought the apples on highest branches were the best. Up we’d go. Test the strength of […]