Tasty skillet chocolate chip cookie recipe

skillet chocolate chip cookie tastiness

What is a skillet chocolate chip cookie? It’s a chocolate chip cookie the size of a skillet, that you make in a skillet. Who wants 4? The weekend is always a good time to have a bit of not-TOO-terrible for ya indulgence, and if this skillet chocolate chip cookie doesn’t do it for ya, you […]

4 tasty dip recipes for healthier tailgate fun

Lighter, but just as tasty Chile Con Queso recipe

The key to a great tailgate party (be it at home or at the stadium, or pro or college team) is food. And the staple food of any good tailgate party is chips and dip. The problem is that most chips and dips are loaded with fat, calories, and even preservatives. But these dip recipes will tickle your taste buds without sacrificing any of the taste.

Make a healthier Starbucks frappuccino for $.32

A tasty and healthier recipe for a Starbucks frappuccino

Got a craving for a caffeine fix? Don’t pay $4 for a frosty coffee treat at a coffee shop. If you’ve got 5 simple ingredients and just a couple of minutes, you can make your own frappuccino for about 92% less than the one you’ll buy at Starbucks…and yours will be healthier and taste better too.

Vegan peanut butter chocolate chip cookie recipe

vegan cookie recipe

Who doesn’t love a good chocolate chip cookie…especially when they’re not as bad for you as recipes full of cheap crap. This cookie recipe isn’t only easy on your diet, but also isn’t your run of the mill old chocolate chip cookie. Pay close attention to the peanut butter, cacao nibs, and sea salt in this cookie recipe.

Quick lunch: Veggie nori wraps

eden spicy nori wraps

Looking for a quick, easy, “grab and go” type recipe? Eden’s Spicy Toasted Nori Strips aren’t just great for homemade sushi. They can be used in all kinds of snacks. Wrap up some cut-up cucumber, scallions, avocado and carrots in some nori strips and you’ve got yourself a tasty snack that will beat the pants of anything Subway could offer.

Toxin-free booze: Our organic tequila review

Organic tequila review Alquimia tequila Republic tequila

Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner and that means that many of us Americans will be using it as an excuse to get our tequila-fest on. We reviewed two brands of organic tequila and came across some pretty interesting findings. Check out which organic tequila emerged as our favorite for both sipping and for margaritas.

Juice your way to better health

nutritious and healthy juicing recipe

Juicing is a great way to get in tons of nutrients and vitamins, for both adults and kids. It’s amazing what kind of veggies you can “hide” in a juice, while at the same time maintaining a cool Shrek-like green color that can be appealing to many youngsters.

Healthy homemade nori sushi roll recipe

Healthy homemade nori sushi roll recipe

This recipe from the book Crazy Sexy Diet is called “I Am Loved Nori Rolls”. It sounded so good that I decided to try it out with my kids. It was a big hit, with both kids eating at least one roll themselves, and asking me to make more. Making sushi at home is healthier and cheaper than going out to eat it and this recipe is a great place to start.

Indulge in Easter chocolates without the guilt

Homemade Cadbury Easter chocolates recipe

It’s way too easy to put on some unwanted pounds around Easter and other candy-centric holidays. This home made Cadbury Creme Egg recipe could be a great way to enjoy some chocolate Easter treats without totally blowing your diet. Plus, making your own versions of your favorite indulgences also lets you control what ingredients go into the mix.

A simple, tasty, home made mouthwash recipe

homemade mouthwash

Who doesn’t love swooshing around some minty or cinnamon-y mouthwash a couple of times throughout the day to help keep things fresh. Unfortunately, Health Food Store mouthwashes can cost upwards of $10 a bottle. This tasty and much more affordable homemade mouthwash recipe is one to try if you’re a fan of dental hygiene.