What does a chainsaw company have to do with saving trees?

stihl tour de trees

A company known for its lawn and garden tools — chiefly its chainsaws — and a NGO that strives to raise money and support for arboriculture efforts and education seems to be the most unlikely of marriages. But that is exactly what STIHL and The TREE Fund have done in coming together for the STIHL […]

Yellow Pages saves paper going green

yellow pages goes green

Back in the day, when I was in college and went to hang out with my friends in New York City, every Sunday, we use to go out to brunch. However since we didn’t have an amazing app like my favorite YP Mobile App for finding restaurants and needed restaurant menus and phone numbers. I […]

5 great green building materials

hemp farm

Choosing eco-friendly design materials is always challenging. Despite the claims made by many brands there are few materials that are environmentally friendly all the way through the supply chain. The following materials will always need to be treated with skepticism, but in general are greener than the rest. Abaca Also known as manila, abaca is […]

Nuclear VS renewable energy [INFOGRAPHIC]

pros and cons of energy sources

The energy debate doesn’t seem like it will ever be settled. A lot of the reason for the argument is a lack of understanding on all sides. Sure, nuclear energy plants melt down and people base jump off of broken down wind turbines, but our energy future will probably be a combination of many sources, not just a domination of one.

UK to have a nuclear energy throwdown on Thursday

UK nuclear energy debate

Is nuclear energy a clean energy? That’s the question that has lead to many great discussions and even more heated debates. Ironically, many of the most notable pro-nuclear advocates are actually ex anti-nuclear voices. High profile personalities from both sides of the debate square of toe to toe on July 7th in London…and you can watch online.

New material is remodeling the home decor industry

Eco-friendly CompoClay pots

Every step matters, but we ultimately need to better our manufacturing methods and how we utilize and refine raw materials. That is a big picture battle and it will not be easy. Oddly enough, one of the first places where this is happening is with home decor products…and it’s happening with a revolutionary new material called CompoClay.

Did Obama double talk the State of the Union?

2011 state of the union environment and energy

The environment wasn’t the focus of the 2011 State of the Union address, but it sure wasn’t absent either…though several key words were. But does the verbiage really matter? Check out the eco-talking points on clean energy, green jobs, and alternative fuel from this year’s State of the Union.

Future of the Earth in 127 hours

Earth in 127 Hours

It shouldn’t be this hard to kick the coal habit. Unfortunately, fighting against billionaires and their subsidy-driven profits takes some time. Don’t fret, we’ll come out of it clean…we just may be a bit bloody and limb-less.

Help StumbleUpon sponsor a Charity Water project

StumbleUpon Charity Water project

StumbleUpon serves up stories tailored to your interests from the hodgepodge of stories from around the web, and now they want to serve up clean water too. Charity:Water is gonna help them do it. Find out how $3 could change 1,000 lives.