Dance of the Planets 2013 begins May 24th in the evening sky

Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter "dance" in the evening sky

OMG! Is that a tightly packed cluster of alien ships invading our atmosphere? Relax, it’s just one of nature’s astronomical treats for those who take the time to look up into the evening sky. The Dance of the Planets is when Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury will all appear to be very close to each other and change positions every day, as if dancing.

Don’t miss the debut of Comet PanSTARRS this week


2013 has been unofficially dubbed “The year of the comets”. The first of those comets has been putting on a show in the Southern Hemisphere recently, and is not making it’s debut in the Northern Hemisphere. The new comet was expected to be dimming in brightness in late February, but as it swings nearer to the sun it is luckily brightening again!

Asteroid passes between the Earth and moon today

asteroid 2013 EC between Earth and moon

Remember that asteroid that entered Earth’s atmosphere and exploded over Russia two and a half weeks ago? An asteroid around that same size passed just inside the moon’s orbit of Earth earlier this morning — and astronomers only discovered it two days ago. Yikes. The Asteroid, creatively named “2013 EC”, is between 10 and 17 […]

Is the Giza pyramid planetary alignment real or fake?

Alleged Giza pyramid planetary alignment

The cosmos is an awe-inspiring, unbelievable, and wondrous thing – which makes it easy to be spoofed. But is the planetary alignment with the pyramids at Giza, alleged to take take place on December 3rd, 2012, a hoax or a truly rare astronomical event? Well, both – sort of.

Beautiful (but terrifying) solar eruption caught on video

Magnificent CME eruption

Just in case you forgot, the cosmos can take us out any time it wants. On August 31st, a long section of solar material that had been hovering in the sun’s atmosphere, the “corona,” erupted out into space. This “coronal mass ejection” traveled at 900 miles per second. Yikes. Maybe the sun was mad that the blue moon was getting all the attention.

Once in a blue moon, which is on August 31st, 2012

2012 blue moon

Wonderful and amazing things seem to happen “once in a blue moon”. Fortunately, that is actually about every two and half years. And the next one is Friday, August 31st. A blue moon, at least in modern days, is the term given to the second full moon in calendar month. This lunar timing only occurs once every two and a half years or so.

AMAZING time lapse of the Earth from the ISS

earth iss time lapse

Our little blue orb suspended in the expanse of the cosmos is truly a unique – and beautiful – celestial entity. Check out this entrancing time lapse video of the Earth as shot from the International Space Station. The sequences of photographs were taken by Ron Garan, Satoshi Furukawa and the crew of expeditions 28 […]

Biggest “supermoon” in 18 years this Saturday

Supermoon March 2011

Remember the old “shoot the moon” Easter egg on Grand Theft Auto: Vice City? You looked through your sniper rifle scope at the moon, pulled the trigger, and the moon appeared to come exponentially closer to the Earth. That’s going to happen this Saturday night…but no sniper rifle required.

Lunar eclipse & winter solstice overlap Tuesday

Full lunar eclipse

This coming Tuesday is the first time in nearly half a millennium that the winter solstice will coincide with a full lunar eclipse…and it will be an event you do NOT want to miss. Check out where and how to view this rare event in all of its splendor.