Win a pair of eco-friendly Swiftwick SUSTAIN socks

Swiftwick sustain sock

If you’re a runner, cyclist, golfer, or enjoyer of any athletic activity, you’re already aware of the importance of quality footwear. Before you even begin to talk about shoes, you’ve got to talk about socks. That’s where U.S. based Swiftwick comes in. And with their new Sustain socks, performance footwear is more eco-friendly than ever!

Hank D and the Bee: Rethinking Center Field

Hank D and the Bee: Rethinking Center Field

I live in St. Louis, so Cardinals if you’d like some local, organic tomatoes to replace your center field lawn just reach out to my sister and sister-in-love at BackdoorHarvest. They’ll hook you up! The rest of you, you’re on your own, but I want credit! Catch up on the rest of the Hank D […]

Hank D and the Bee: Drink Your Pee, and Go Cubs!

Hank D and the Bee: Drink Your Pee, and Go Cubs!

More on some of these great concepts From Cleantechnica: Microalgae Lamp Absorbs 150-200 Times More CO2 than a Tree! From PlanetSave: Drink Your Pee!: The Future of Water Filtration From Treehugger: “Eco-Friendly” Mobile Phone Runs on Coke From MNN: 12 cool urban bicycles ready to replace your car Follow the rest of the Hank D […]

Swiftwick Socks: A spring in the step of US manufacturing

Swiftwick Aspire compression socks

Like many other industries in America, sock manufacturing packed up and left for distant shores about 12 years ago. We’ve all heard stories about some nameless textile industry company dousing their products and the water table with dyes and chemicals. But Swiftwick, a Tennessee-based compression sock company, is breaking that manufacturing mold.

The Green Bowl: Would the Giants or Patriots win?

Which Super Bowl team is the greenest?

Technically, the Super Bowl doesn’t count without the Packers. But we suppose there are some East Coast folk who might tune in. Whether you’re a disgruntled cheese head, a Giant, or a Patriot, entertain yourself with this breakdown of who would win the “Green Bowl” — based on the most unscientific methods imaginable, of course.

3 clever DIY Super Bowl party decorations

beer bloom mug

The Super Bowl is a great excuse to huddle up with your crew and have a great time on a night that everyone is usually turning in early, in preparation for the upcoming work week. But you don’t have to spend tons of time or lots of money getting your home ready for a top-notch Super Bowl party…and an eco-friendly Super Bowl party at that.

Brooks Sports celebrates first Responsibility Report

Brooks Sports running responsibly Corporate Responsibility report

You’ve got to love it when a company pulls back the curtain shrouding their operations and lets their customers (and competitors) see exactly what they’re up to on an environmental and social level. And that’s exactly what the folks at Brooks Sports have just done…and they’re commemorating it in an incredibly clever way.

Awesome rescue dog learns to enjoy base jumping trips

Cajun the rescue base dog

Cajun was found abandoned at 3 months old. She was adopting by some loving and thrill-seeking owners who realized she was quite nimble navigating the craggy Utah desert. It took a year of training, but Cajun has learned how to navigate a 30-minte hike to reunite with her owners at the car after they do some base jumping. Check out her awesome video.

Watch: Jeb Corliss defies death to grind the crack

Amazing Jeb Corliss jump

I wrote about seven extreme green sports on MNN earlier this year and probably should have included wingsuit BASE jumping. This extreme variation of an already extreme sports requires jumpers to turn themselves into flying squirrels using specially made suits and then hurl themselves off mountains to fly down their steep slope, sometimes being literally […]

Cycling…for the rest of us

Live free, pedal hard, and feel the wind in your beard

Biking is less painful than running and more exciting than walking. You can watch the subtle shift of the seasons, the stages of farming, and bird migration. It can even be very emotionally cleansing and serve as mental therapy. And guess what…it doesn’t take fancy gadgets and lots of lycra to participate in.