Epicstoke: Wallets & bags from upcycled highway signs

epicstoke gentleman wallet

Ever wonder what happens to all of those highway billboard signs that you seem to see every half-mile on U.S. interstates? Well, as it turns out, that vinyl translates into pretty epic products to get stoked about. Enter Epicstoke. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Epicstoke has launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund a website where […]

Cinch: A minimalist wallet with a ton of space

Cinch wallet

Thick, bulky, leather — or worse, velcro — wallets are so passé. Minimalist is the way to go. Your back, butt, and bank roll will thank you. The Cinch wallet has a stainless steel or oak “backbone” with black elastic “keeper”. The oak backbone is made from 100% salvaged or ethically sourced wood and finished with eco-friendly, non-toxic tung oil.

How to extend your wardrobe through pregnancy pounds

Belly Band allows for normal activities and even a bit of action

While having a baby is a beautiful, natural experience, many women’s pregnancies are bogged down by insurmountable research and endless options. And a brand new wardrobe with a 9-month lifespan is the last thing a mommy-to-be needs to worry about. Here’s how to rock your current wardrobe through your pregnancy.

How and why to take the “no-poo” challenge

No-Pooing Day 1

I have been “no-pooing” for nearly 5 months now. That means I’ve been forgoing shampoo and cleaning my hair with baking soda and apple cider vinegar (AVC). I was fascinated by the concept of never having to use shampoo again. You’re probably thinking, “how can someone possibly live without shampoo? Won’t their hair look like […]

Chic hanging candles made from wine bottles

Recycled Wine Bottle Candle

Wine bottles have so many uses…and containing tasty fermentation for your sipping pleasure is only one of them. We’ve talked about several uses for empty wine bottles before, but this one definitely deserves a spot on that list too. Imagine your deck or patio adorned with wine bottle tiki torches in tandem with these hanging candles. Par-tay!

How to make a sexy bikini from a t-shirt or leggings

sexy bikini bathing suit

Women everywhere are on a constant hunt for the perfect, most flattering bikini (or other bathing suit), but if you’re having trouble finding it, just make your own from an old t-shirt or a pair of leggings you have stuffed in a drawer or a closet. That will ensure it will look the best on all of your assets…and better than anything off the shelf.

3 ways to upcycle ordinary items into stylish decor

Suitcase vanity

Just because an item was designed for a single purpose doesn’t mean it can’t be easily transformed into something that serves another. Check out these clever ways to transform ordinary things like picture frames, suitcases, and even tree bark into amazing decor and organizational systems.

Eco-friendly and stylish home décor tips

Media Cabinet

Home décor has its own version of snobbery. Be it elitism in the form of design or that of sustainability, it seems like you never can find the best of both worlds…but you can. After all, you want a stylish home AND you want to be as eco-friendly as possible, right? These tips will get you well on your way to that goal.

TOMS Shoes help couples give back on wedding day

TOMS wedding shoes

Don’t be a snob about the shoes you wear at your wedding…but don’t forgot about them either. The wedding collection from TOMS Shoes is a great way to bring eco-friendly style to your wedding party while contributing to the social good as well.

Are toxic chemicals lurking in your cosmetics?

toxic chemicals in makeup, cosmetics, and personal care products

It’s amazing how many chemicals the FDA and other organizations that are supposed to protect us allow into products we use everyday. Grab your favorite shampoo, lipstick, or other personal care product and check out its ingredients and safety rating with the tool in this post, then share your findings in the comments.