Plastic bottles turned solar light bulb for lesser-privileged communities

liter of light solar bulb

Imagine having to live in a dark home, even in the daytime. Thousands of households in both urban and rural areas in countries like the Philippines have no access to electricity and light. Even when they do, low-income families are unable to afford skyrocketing electric expenses. According to the National Electrification Commission, 3 million households […]

Hank D and the Bee: Drink Your Pee, and Go Cubs!

Hank D and the Bee: Drink Your Pee, and Go Cubs!

More on some of these great concepts From Cleantechnica: Microalgae Lamp Absorbs 150-200 Times More CO2 than a Tree! From PlanetSave: Drink Your Pee!: The Future of Water Filtration From Treehugger: “Eco-Friendly” Mobile Phone Runs on Coke From MNN: 12 cool urban bicycles ready to replace your car Follow the rest of the Hank D […]

The iBamboo iPhone speaker gets a plastic playmate

iBamboo urban plastic

There are all kinds of iPhone and iPod speaker systems, but last year we talked about one revolutionary — yet incredibly simple — iPhone 4/4S speaker. The iBamboo. The iBamboo uses a simple one-foot long piece of precision cut bamboo to project the sound from your iPhone 4/4S in two directions, amplifying the stereo sound […]

SXCycles: An awesome SXSW bike share program

sxsw bike share

SXSW is an epic film, music, and tech weekend festival that happens in Austin, TX every year. However, the descent of so many uber-geeks on the small-ish city creates a notoriously horrid transportation issue every year. Enter SXCycles. This is a sweet bike-sharing program sponsored by a revolutionary new brand of folding bicycles.

Follow Eco-Snobbery Sucks on Pinterest

Eco-Snobbery Sucks on Pinterest

You love Pinterest. We love Pinterest. We’ve been on Pinterest for a few months now, and have really revved up our pinning in the last month or so. There’s not a huge greener living presence on Pinterest yet, so follow us, tag us in your pins, or even ask to contribute to any of our […]

Tesla Motors unveils a SEXY electric crossover SUV

tesla model x with "falcon wing" doors open

You don’t have to drive something that looks like a cheap matchbox car to roll in electric style. Tesla Motors, aka, makers of all-things-sexy (at least when it comes to electric vehicles), unveiled their new Model X yesterday. The Model X is being described as something between a sleek crossover SUV and a minivan, but […]

Why green lighting is essential to the economy

led lights in a furniture show room

You know how much I love Green Lighting and Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs.  They are helping companies save millions of dollars. One of my favorite LED companies is MSI lighting. They are relamping Macy’s and saving millions of dollars. In addition to saving buckets of cash, the light looks better, is more energy efficient, […]

Pee on this seed packet to check in on Foursquare

pee to check in on foursquare

All of the animal kingdom marks its territory by some biological method…except for humans. We check in on Foursquare to claim some piece of nebulous digital ownership. But now you can build your own biodegradable seed packet that let’s you stake both a physical and virtual claim to a location…while seeding it with a bit more flora too.

3 solar gadgets that are actually useful

reVIVE solar charger from Solar Restore

Solar power is not just for rooftops. You can add a bit of green energy into your life now with these four useful and affordable gadgets. All are available under $100 – some much less. 1. Solar-Powered Chargers Solar-powered chargers are becoming a popular way to charge cell phones and music players. And as more […]

Revolights: Sexy wheel-mounted LED bicycle lights

Practicality meets need and sexiness in this awesome bicycle light system

Most car on bicycle crime happens between the hours of 5pm and midnight. Lack of visibility is the obvious culprit behind such violence. But the inventors behind Revolights are hoping to help end such car on bike assault…and they’re launching their bicycle lighting revolution with a clever campaign and an oh-so-sexy product!