4 easy and natural DIY remedies for your pet

natural pet products

Do-it-yourself, natural, herbal remedies to use when you are feeling a bit down have become fairly common. There are plenty of delicious and effective natural remedy for colds and flu available, but there’s not a lot of information out there about natural and herbal pet remedies. But here are a few ways to start caring for your pets naturally.

Swiftwick Socks: A spring in the step of US manufacturing

Swiftwick Aspire compression socks

Like many other industries in America, sock manufacturing packed up and left for distant shores about 12 years ago. We’ve all heard stories about some nameless textile industry company dousing their products and the water table with dyes and chemicals. But Swiftwick, a Tennessee-based compression sock company, is breaking that manufacturing mold.

8 common sense ideas for choosing a New Year cleanse

lemons help cleanse your body

Were your holidays filled with cheese truffles and egg nog? Does the new year make you want to kick-start your healthy living plan with a post-holiday cleanse? Relax, it doesn’t have to be crazy, restrictive, and require your to stay within 10 steps of the bathroom. All a good cleanse requires is a bit of common sense.

Christmas tree choice: Fake, real or alternative?

Fake, real, or alternative Christmas tree?

Ever considered getting a fake Christmas tree? Poor real trees. All that water, energy, and waste for a few weeks of simple pleasure. A fake tree would help eliminate repeated applications of pesticides and fertilizers that leak into local watersheds. A fake tree would not become discarded waste. It all added up to eco-friendliness – or does it?

Sip in panda-friendly style with the Bamboo Bottle

bamboo bottle glass water bottle

Finding a reusable water bottle that is the perfect marriage of form, function, and eco-friendliness can be quite the feat…as you well know if you’ve really tried to do so. Sure, you can pick up a BPA-free plastic water bottle, which is much better than the commonly vilified #7 Lexan plastic of old, but BPA-free […]

Doc’s All-Natural Chamois Cream [Review]

Doc's all-natural chamois cream

The last place you want to go rubbing a product full of nasty toxins is on your groin area…but that’s exactly what lots of cyclist do with chamois creams. Enter Doc’s Cycling Salves. We put Doc’s products through the ringer and they came out the other side with AMAZING reviews. Read on for the details.

Hank D and the Bee: Window Cleaning

Hank D and the Bee: Window Cleaning

Speaking of windows and cleaning… From Care2: How to Make a Non-Toxic Cleaning Kit From EnergyStar: 2011 Federal Tax Credits for Consumer Energy Efficiency Joe’s cartoon archive, twitter ramblings and StumbleUpon page…team kilimanjaroрадиоуправляемый квадрокоптеродежда африканских племенкак раскрутить сайт в googleцена яндекс директвиды укладки ламинатабанк кредит петербургбанк санкт петербург кредитыбанки ульяновска кредитыбыстрый займ воронеж отзывыtranslatebancoptions tradingBonustorqueскачать […]

Breast cancer awareness: What the pink ribbon ignores

Are environmental issues the cause of breast cancer?

Researchers have identified 216 chemicals that cause mammary tumors in animals and admit the need for better assessment in humans. They argue for integrating these findings into policies that govern chemical exposure. It’s an approach that concentrates on prevention rather than cure. So what are we waiting for?

What do orangutans have to do with your shampoo?

Orangutans have good reason to be scared of shampoo...it's production destroys their home.

What do toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, and many other hygiene products have to do with orangutans? There is a commodity that comes from palm trees called palm oil. The lauryl alcohol found in palm and coconut oil is used to produce a synthetic product called sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate or SLS for short. So no problem right? […]

SC Johnson CEO is sorry for Greenlist logo

SC Johnson Greenlist Certification

SC Johnson, makers of Windex, Raid, Ziploc, and more, label certain products from their brands with a “Greenlist” logo. This is the logo of an in-house certification process that has been met with lawsuits and criticism. Fortunately for SC Johnson and consumers alike, the Greenlist process has still reduced the products health and eco impact.