Is this seitan recipe good or evil?


Have you ever tried seitan? I did this past week in a veggie wrap at my local, vegan, all-organic restaurant.  I was surprised that I loved it enough to experiment with making my own at home. I thought of purchasing the pre-packaged seitan at Whole Foods, but figured it is probably pumped with salt and […]

Hump Day comic relief: Shit vegans say [Video]

shit vegans say

Taking yourself too seriously is an indication of a closed mind. That said, I give you this very funny “Shit Vegans Say” video. Whether you’re vegetarian or vegan for animal rights reasons, environmental reasons, health reasons, or even just because you hate vegetables and like to see them mutilated on your plate, take a step […]

Vegan holiday treat: Deep beet peppermint fudge

Deep Beet Holiday Fudge

Venturing into a vegan lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to miss out on tasty treats. Take fudge, for example. The best part about this fudge recipe is that it is super duper healthy. You can even make it with all raw ingredients, but it is not necessary. Check out this tasty holiday fudge recipe that has a curious ingredient that might surprise you.

Hunting your own food: A liberal converts

Hunting your own food

Why hunt when there is plenty of meat on the shelves of your local grocery store? Isn’t hunting just about rednecks drinking beer in the woods and slaughtering helpless animals for trophies? Nope. A new convergence of hunter and environmentalist is happening, and people are learning that hunting their own food can be super eco-friendly.

4 tasty dip recipes for healthier tailgate fun

Lighter, but just as tasty Chile Con Queso recipe

The key to a great tailgate party (be it at home or at the stadium, or pro or college team) is food. And the staple food of any good tailgate party is chips and dip. The problem is that most chips and dips are loaded with fat, calories, and even preservatives. But these dip recipes will tickle your taste buds without sacrificing any of the taste.

Vegan peanut butter chocolate chip cookie recipe

vegan cookie recipe

Who doesn’t love a good chocolate chip cookie…especially when they’re not as bad for you as recipes full of cheap crap. This cookie recipe isn’t only easy on your diet, but also isn’t your run of the mill old chocolate chip cookie. Pay close attention to the peanut butter, cacao nibs, and sea salt in this cookie recipe.

Quick lunch: Veggie nori wraps

eden spicy nori wraps

Looking for a quick, easy, “grab and go” type recipe? Eden’s Spicy Toasted Nori Strips aren’t just great for homemade sushi. They can be used in all kinds of snacks. Wrap up some cut-up cucumber, scallions, avocado and carrots in some nori strips and you’ve got yourself a tasty snack that will beat the pants of anything Subway could offer.

Are fruits and veggies the key to weight loss?

crazy fruit and vegetable diets

More people than not are all too familiar with the diet roller coaster. Crazy diets and food delivery services exist for any trend you can find, but can organic fruit and vegetable diets be just as crazy? Diets that encourage eating 2 pounds of bananas at a time would seem so…the difference is they might actually work.

Vegan cookie pie recipe that’s not that bad for you

chocolate chip cookie recipe

Everyone knows that sweets just simply seem to be a part of the holidays. But this vegan chocolate chip cookie pie (yeah, you read that right) recipe is a sweet treat that will satisfy that holiday sweet tooth but won’t totally blow your diet after the new year either.

Santa berries: Creative last-minute holiday treat

Santa berries

Christmas hor’dourves don’t get any easier or more creative than these cute little Santa berries.Snag some organic strawberries, raw vegan whipped cream, and presto…a crazy cute and easy Christmas party treat that will be the talk of the table.