Asteroid passes between the Earth and moon today

asteroid 2013 EC between Earth and moon

Remember that asteroid that entered Earth’s atmosphere and exploded over Russia two and a half weeks ago? An asteroid around that same size passed just inside the moon’s orbit of Earth earlier this morning — and astronomers only discovered it two days ago. Yikes. The Asteroid, creatively named “2013 EC”, is between 10 and 17 […]

Sea otter shoots hoops to ease arthritis pain

sea otter basketball

Exercise doesn’t just help humans suffering from arthritis pain, it helps geriatric sea otters too. Meet Eddie the sea otter. He has been taught to dunk an otter-sized basketball to exercise his arthritic elbows. Maybe you can borrow a page from Eddie’s playbook and get out and enjoy some physical activity. You will feel better.

Cuteness overload: Baby pandas on a slide [VIDEO]

baby pandas on a slide

We have posted lots of crazy cute animal videos over the years, but this one most definitely takes the cake. What more can I say than this is a video of baby pandas on a slide? Baby.pandas.on.a.slide. Yeah, that’s really all you need to know. Enjoy. [Source: Grist, via Christellar on Pinterest]букинистика продатьip телефон купитьAlliance […]

The chemistry of fireworks [VIDEO]

fireworks chemistry

It never fails. Around the environmental world this time of year — the 4th of July (Independence Day, in the U.S.) — you see countless articles about how terrible fireworks are for your health, the environment, etc. But you know what? Fireworks just.plain.rock. There, I said it. I — founder of Eco-Snobbery Sucks — will […]

Dueling Banjos on Tesla coils [VIDEO]

Dueling Banjos on Tesla coils

When Nikola Tesla invented Tesla coils, he probably didn’t imagine an epic dueling banjo battle being played out on his high current electrical transimtters, but that hasn’t stopped it from happening. The thing that really is cool about this is that the arcs coming from the Tesla coils are NOT simply responding to the music, […]

Epic DIY Imperial AT-AT Walker on a tandem bicycle

diy at-at walker bicycle

Did you know that those Imperial AT-AT Walkers that assaulted the Rebel base on Hoth were pedal powered? Well, they probably weren’t, actually, but if the Empire could have figured out how to implement it, I’m sure they would have. You know, Darth Sidius (the Emperor) and Darth Vader really were pretty forward thinking folks.

New LED bike wheel lights rock 8-bit color graphics

monkeylectric led bicycle wheel light

Cycling is great for the environment and for your health — but ain’t no party like a 2-wheel party and a 2-wheel party don’t stop. One of the best ways to kick off a 2-wheel party in style is to be visible and safe. But what if being visible and safe could also be done in a way that earned you somewhere around 10,000 cool points too? It can.

2 dogs wrestle with a full-grown tiger [VIDEO]

dogs and tiger play together

Whether it be a lioness that adopts a baby antelope, an elephant whose best friend is a dog, 2 lion cubs that play with a puppy, or this tiger who grew up two playful dogs, the animal kingdom is full of totally opposite species (who are sometimes even mortal enemies) who form lasting connections that […]

Dog guards owner’s bike then goes for a ride [VIDEO]

Dog guard's owner's bike and then takes a ride on the rear rack.

It’s National Bike Month, and who needs a lock with a dog like this? It looks like he’s so excited to go for a ride on the rear rack that he doesn’t mind standing guard. I feel ya fido, I often times look forward to my next ride on the bike with tail-wagging enthusiasm too. […]

Must Watch: Lioness adopts a baby antelope

lioness and baby antelope

Touching story of love and acceptance as a lioness adopts a baby antelope…instead of eating it.