Spring gift bags made from 100% recycled paper

recycled paper gift bag

Be it Easter, weddings, or graduations, spring is a big time of year for giving gifts. Nashville Wraps has you covered with 5 new designer gift bags all made from 100% recycled paper (and one that is made from 50% recycled paper) in their new spring line. I like the “Brushed Floral” design, personally. Which […]

How to make a recycled paper flower wedding bouquet

music paper flowers

One of our bride-to-be writers wanted her wedding party’s bouquet and boutonnieres to be as as green…and inexpensive…as possible. One possible way to do just that is to find an alternative to real flowers that would last longer and use less new materials. Check out these instructions on how to make your own recycled paper flowers.

Wine corks as eco-friendly packing peanuts

Wine corks used as packaging peanuts

Cardboard boxes, packing tape, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, foam peanuts…Do you ever feel like half the stuff you’re moving is just the packaging itself? By nature, moving to a new home is not the most eco-friendly, uh, move. But there are some clever ways to make it greener. Check out some of these ideas to do just that.

8 tips to planning a greener destination wedding

Eco-friendly destination wedding beach sunset

Is it possible to make a destination wedding green? You can certainly make it greenER. And in a lot of little ways, an intimate gathering in a beautiful neutral location may even be more eco-friendly than a 200-person blow-out in your hometown. If you’re bitten by the destination wedding bug, here are a few ways to reduce your environmental impact.

Staying lean and green at a pedal-powered gym

Green Revolutions alternative energy generating bikes

How cool would it be if you could power a building from biking? One NYC gym uses its stationary bikes to keep its lights on. The electricity generated by the bikes goes back into the gym’s power grid and, over the course of a month, one room of Spinner bikes generates about 300 kilowatts – enough to light a typical home for half a year.

Recycled craft ideas for old calendars and catalogs

DIY catalog crafts

Old catalogs and calendars are often destined for the recycling bin once their usefulness seems spent. But there are oh so many more ways that those items can be put to handy use than just shopping or scheduling. Check out these crafty ways to turn their pages into chic organizers, envelopes, gift tags, and more.

Team Eco Lovers wins TV’s “Shedding for the Wedding”

Karen Tran Florist

The CW’s new weight-loss competition show “Shedding for the Wedding” had a team called Eco Lovers in the running to win their dream wedding. The couple from Ohio joined the show in hopes of losing a collective 160 pounds and winning a dream wedding as eco-friendly as their daily lives.

No royal carriage for your wedding? No worries.

Prince William and Kate Middleton's royal wedding carriage

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding next month will hardly be a toned down, eco-conscious affair…though they will leave the ceremony in a horse-drawn carriage. But just because you can’t afford a 100-year-old horse-drawn carriage to haul you away from your nuptials, doesn’t mean your wedding travel can’t be eco-friendly.

TOMS Shoes help couples give back on wedding day

TOMS wedding shoes

Don’t be a snob about the shoes you wear at your wedding…but don’t forgot about them either. The wedding collection from TOMS Shoes is a great way to bring eco-friendly style to your wedding party while contributing to the social good as well.

Recycled, reused, and 2-in-1 wedding dresses

David's Bridal

Every bride wants the perfect wedding dress, but buying a gown you wear one time and never again isn’t the greenest choice. In this article you’ll learn how to find a pre-owned, reusable, or 2-in-1 wedding dress that is every bit as perfect as a brand new one…and you may even save a bit of money in the process.