Pee on this seed packet to check in on Foursquare

pee to check in on foursquare

All of the animal kingdom marks its territory by some biological method…except for humans. We check in on Foursquare to claim some piece of nebulous digital ownership. But now you can build your own biodegradable seed packet that let’s you stake both a physical and virtual claim to a location…while seeding it with a bit more flora too.

Watch: Jeb Corliss defies death to grind the crack

Amazing Jeb Corliss jump

I wrote about seven extreme green sports on MNN earlier this year and probably should have included wingsuit BASE jumping. This extreme variation of an already extreme sports requires jumpers to turn themselves into flying squirrels using specially made suits and then hurl themselves off mountains to fly down their steep slope, sometimes being literally […]

It’s all in the delivery: 4 tips for teachable moments

Stack of homemade chocolate chip cookies

Can homemade cookies lead to a teachable moment? Yes they can. One mom grapples with eco-snobbery when a teacher decides what makes a “healthy choice”. What results is a very helpful list of tips to use when you want to garner support for your cause (in this case, food safety and health) without setting anyone on tilt.

How to shift gears on your bike…with your mind

Shift gears on your bike by thinking it

You’d expect a clever pun and funny video to follow with a title like this right? But you’d be wrong. This technology is real. Toyota partnered with design house Deeplocal and bicycle builder Parlee Cycles to make an aerodynamic road bike that can be shifted with nothing but brain waves.

Porsche’s giant LED TV: Eco-snobbery or eco-epic?

Porsche LED TV

Porsche seems to think that there’s more than one way to live greener, because their new mammoth-sized LED TV could never be mistaken as an effort in “reducing”, in either price or in size. The new 201-inch waterproof LED TV will set you back a cool $810,000. Do you think this is an example of eco-snobbery or does it fill an uber-rich green niche?

Grow your own mini garden in an Altoids tin

Altoid tin garden

If you weren’t yet aware, Altoids tins have a pretty huge cult following among crafty DIYers. From adding some much needed fauna to a small space, to making your own fully functioning guitar, Altoids tins are the answer. Who’d have thought it, right?

Would you pay $920 for solar-powered cargo pants?

Sivr Lining solar-powered cargo pants

I’m going to go ahead and file this one under WTF?! Solar energy is awesome, and there are definitely some pretty nifty and affordable ways to harness the sun’s energy to charge your phone, iPod, or any other small electronic while you’re out and about…but I’m not sure this is one of them.